About Us

Who we are
Nestled in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, in the small town of Superior, Colorado-  Coal Creek Soapery, Bath & Body is a small company providing hand crafted, small batch- bath and body products.

How we got started
We started out as a hobby of sorts, making small homemade sugar scrubs as gifts during the holiday season in 2012. Using ingredients such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Botanicals, and Sugar.  It took months of planning, mixing to find the perfect ratio of oils to sugar. Each batch used and tested to make sure hands were left pleasurably exfoliated and hydrated.  The process was amazing and so was the beautiful mess of sugar that would be flung into the air and onto the counter tops - we had sugar everywhere.  In the end our gifts were a hit and  the extra bonus of soft, moisturized hands were a much needed perk to dry winter hands here in Colorado.!  As the years progressed our hobby stayed just that - a HOBBY, but anytime a scrub was needed -the trip to purchase outrageously priced products was out of the question and our homemade scrubs were requested! As time passed, the hobby went dormant but in the last year and a half the idea of creating, producing and offering affordable bath and body products began to bloom.  And so, it has led to the conception of Coal Creek Soapery, Bath & Body and Lafleur, LLC as the Parent Company.

Our Name, Our Mission
Our name derives from the small creek that runs through the historic portion of our little town, Coal Creek. This creek also runs through the adjacent towns of Louisville and Lafayette.  Our Mission at Lafleur, LLC and at Coal Creek Soapery, Bath & Body, is to offer products made with quality ingredients, at affordable prices. Our Customers are promised to know just exactly what they are putting onto their bodies.  Soap, Lotions, Balms are meant to be applied without fear of harsh chemicals lurking in our recipes, and that is exactly what we strive to deliver.

Our Products, The Difference
Ingredients used in the base of our products are carefully chosen to be simple, luxurious and as natural as possible - however they cannot and should not be considered 100%  Organic nor are they Vegan.  The scents used in our products are to invoke your senses of comfort, happiness, and sensuality - not to overpower the air around you and to cause breathing issues for the people who happen to be near you - Just think of the person you had to sit next to, or ride an elevator with - who doused themselves in scented products that just about rendered you unconscious!  We offer 2 types of Lotions; a light and basic lotion for the Spring/Summer months and a more robust lotion for the Fall/Winter months. Our Fragrance Balm Wands, Lip Balms and Scrubs, Bath Bombs and Shower Tabs are all made from scratch using natural base ingredients as well. The difference that you will find in our products compared to the swanky and  Big Box stores will be simple, the prices are based only on the ingredients used to make our products AND we will not upcharge our products just because the item has gained "Popularity".  We are simple, we are honest and we care that our products are that way too.  This is also why Lafleur, LLC  only has two suppliers for our product's ingredients; one that is national based and one that is based locally in Denver, Colorado.

We hope that you will give us a chance to become a part of your daily routine. Should you have any questions for us, about our products or services - please feel free to contact us at or use the "Contact" page on this website.  We would love to hear from you, our Beautiful Customers.  You can also follow us on Twitter at or our Facebook Page at Facebook/Coalcreeksoapery.

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